About Us

POEMECH provides innovative mechatronic solutions to the problems of its customers in the tourism, defense, automotive, white goods and machinery manufacturing industry. POEMECH cooperates with its costumers about advanced engineering and consultancy services in the field of machinery, equipment, industrial mold design and manufacturing, finite element analysis, strength tests and qualified products in accordance with national and international standards. POEMECH was established in Aegean Technopark / Izmir in January 2020 to realize the 'ABYSSOS - Self Cleaning Shower & Sunscreen Application Cabinet' project with the support of Ebiltem TTO and Tübitak 1512 (BIGG) program. With the desire to create what is not in the sector and the effort to realize innovative products, it aims to produce high value-added, environmentally friendly solutions and present them to the world market.

Our Team

Yücel Kaçar


General Manager - Co-Founder

Mechanical Engineer

Anıl Avcıoğlu


R & D Manager - Co-Founder

Mechanical Engineer

Sedat Eren


Technical Adviser

Computer Engineer

İsmail Eren


Technical Adviser

Electrical Electronics Engineer