Morning Dew


ABYSSOS - Self Cleaning Shower & Sunscreen Application Cabinet

Project Info:

Sunscreen Application (Processing time max. 20 seconds)

Six Lotion Choices (SPF 15, SPF 30, SPF 50, SPF 50 Kid, Tan Accelerator, Moisturizing Cream)

Personal Sunscreen Option

Shower Option (Processing time max. 1,5 minutes)

Changing Cabin Option

Kid Mode (Manual mode)

Female - Male Separated Cabins


Virus and Bacteria Disinfection In Cabin With Ozone (O3)

Payment Options - Coin Or Cash, Web Payment, Credit Card, Key Card (Room Key), RFID Compatible To POS System and Mobile Application

Communication With The Hotel Reception, Instant Data Sharing And Analysis

Automated Height Detection

CE Certified